Clothes hangers , kitchen towel racks and do-it-yourself towel holders

Clothes hangers , kitchen towel racks and do-it-yourself towel holders

The search for originality combined with the desire for DIY and the sensitivity to recycling often generate truly surprising objects. And ‘the case of simple, but very special accessories for the bathroom, kitchen and more. Some examples?

A rope and two wall anchors , make a towel rail or a dish towel rack. Nothing could be easier, simpler, cheaper and better.

Sawing the back of an old chair and inserting the hook of a hanger in the upper part, a new object comes out, to be painted and used as a hanger-all. These cute and sculptured sculptures will welcome a tea towel, a towel, a bag and much more.

Here is an  original accessory for a rustic bathroom: a  hanger or a wooden robe hook. Realizing it is very simple. Using  woods and recovery nails.  You can also use the wood of an Epal pallet, cleaned and deprived of moisture or mold.

An idea already widely used, but still worthy of mention is the wooden ladderleaning against the wall. The bathroom is furnished in style, for every style. Each peg is used to hold a towel, it is also useful for drying fabrics.

A wooden board set with half of some plastic animals. In the bathroom or in the kitchen, these small recycling trophies are absolutely irresistible.

For adults and children and for every room in the house, the perfect clothes hanger can be a wooden plank animated by playmobil, some ninja turtles or heart puppets , which come to life in another way, useful and fun.

Old handles or even soft paperweights , anchored to the wall, all hang up. Between minimal and retro, creativity to sell.

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