Fixing plate for wall-mounted towel racks with screwdriver

Fixing plate for wall-mounted towel racks with screwdriver

Once the wall holes have been drilled with the drill, the wall plugs are inserted and the respective screws are manually screwed in; then continue with the screwdriver for a faster and safer fastening.

Mounting and locking of the wall towel rail

Once the metal plates have been fixed to the wall, the end bells of the bathroom towel railcan be interlocked , with the movement shown in the drawing below.

With the Allen screws , usually placed on the underside of the terminal covers, the wall-mounted towel holder for the bathroom is firmly terminated.

Ideas for double towel racks in the narrow and long bathroom

In the following illustration, I illustrate a possible feasible solution for a typical narrow and long bathroom: the small size in width limits the wall arrangement of bathroom towel accessories.

In such a configuration of the bathroom environment, the positioning of a double-bar towel rack is strategic : in this way it can be used both from the washbasin area and from the adjoining bidet.

Moreover, the angular position of the shower box and the adjacent window, predispose a narrow interspace on which to place a specific knob hanging shower robe .

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