Tips: How to make a towel holder

Tips: How to make a towel holder

The realization of a towel rack is not difficult as you think, in fact, just recycle what you have at home to get the best results . The art of DIY, is accessible to everyone, in fact, you can recycle objects now unusable , to get useful items for the home, just a little ‘ creativity and imagination . Below we will list some ways on how to make a towel holder quickly and easily.

A first example of creative recycling is to use cups, which in general are used to fix a chandelier at the attic and create two points of support for a towel rack, inserting at the appropriate distance a wooden round, such as an auction of a disused broom or branch. The application is made with side holes to the cups, as regards the fixing of the wooden round, with silicone to anchor them to the tiles.

An excellent way to make a towel holder for the bathroom is to assemble two wooden frames of different sizes and connect them with other pieces of wood to be used as a base for resting on the floor. In this case, after having made the two frames with wooden murals measuring 4 x 4 cm, two other murals in the lower part are sufficient to create the support base on the floor, and on the upper part as a support point. With the wood you can also make other types of towel holders equally functional, such as with wooden boxes. In fact, if we have drawers of a piece of furniture to be scrapped, we can use them to hang them on the wall one on top of the other, eliminating the bottoms or leaving them intact to obtain a support for the

Finally, here is another very simple and functional system to create a nice and elegant towel holder multiple for the bathroom; if in fact, we have a wooden ladder of a bunk bed that we no longer use, we can shorten it and hook it to the tiles, taking advantage of the many rungs to hang towels of any length. Obviously, the idea of ​​creating a towel rack with a ladder is also extended to other materials such as brass and aluminum, which often correspond to the design with which the entire bathroom is furnished. These are just some examples of how you can make towel racks, and depending on your ideas and ability, you can build many others, perhaps taking inspiration from the techniques used previously.

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